It’s Time for ‘Human Plus Machine’ Mindset


  • Date : Oct 31, 2018
  • Posted By : D. Sivakumar

With the advancement of technology, there is a fear by work force that they will be jobless and displaced. It’s time we need to stop seeing machines as our rivals. It is the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can gain more creative powers through machine learning.


Basically, let us understand what machines do well. First, machines identify patterns. They give you insights and helps creativity. Second, task automation with intense speed and scale is possible with machines with improved output and less time. Lastly, data can be comprehended in different creative ways.


While these strengths can aid you in creativeness, they can’t work alone without the support of humans. Let us consider some of the following features.


Pattern recognition

Machines sweep through millions of data and videos and give effective output. But this output is not from expert analysis. It is just a basic element identification of massive data. To create great outcomes quick and easy solution cannot be taken from machine output. Machines can be used to sort through patterns. Human intelligence is necessary to apply them appropriately. For instance, a quick analysis of Youtube ads says top performing ads are set in living rooms. But your product may not be good with living room set-up for ads.


Automated marketing intelligence

Automation helps in speed and efficiency. In case you need to explore numerous copy lines of the different audience to derive the best combinations, machine learning tools use data, audience signals an asset library to reveal the best outcome. A basic video asset can be used to create thousands of tailored versions for a different audience. It helps to create context-relevant ads for improved brand perception.


New creative expressions

It may be thrilling to draw more potential from teaching machines to answer complex questions like how and what stories to be told. Imagine if machines could tell us about the trends like which a fad is or which is the best practice. The outcomes we expect to derive from the machine are thrilling and endless.


Humans always have an advantage

Machines have their limitations. Machine learning is good for low-level processes. Machines help us save time and improve work. It does not write an ad from scratch. It is important to recognize machines as a partnership with humans. Possibilities and outcomes can more deeply be explored than ever before through machines. They help us improve our creativity.


Machines can organize, analyze and facilitate an approach, they cannot conceive or provide insights and emotional elements that humans can connect to. Embrace machines as your partners and increase your creativity. You have more possibilities now than ever before.


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