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Static website - Static website is damn easy to create.  It can create buy any unprofessional person who doesn't know much about programming and database designing.  It is based on a fixed code on each page and the information it contains can't be changed. 


Dynamic website - Static website has a stack of web pages whose content cannot be changed as per requirement. The dynamic website's content can be accessed via a database and content management system. Therefore, when the content of the database is updated,  the content of the website it also altered.


 Static versus Dynamic Website


  • The static website is server-side scripting, and a dynamic website is based on client-side scripting technique.


  • Dynamic web pages always show different content when viewed each time, where static web pages remain constant each time. 


  • Static websites cost is generally lower than a dynamic website.


  • The main problem of the static website appears when you wish to update the content and you couldn't. 


  • Dynamic websites can be connected with a database which you can easily pull in information in an organised and structured manner to create categories of product pages, this facility is not available in static website creation.


  • In Static website you cannot create a content management system as the database is not attached in it like dynamic ones.


  • Dynamic websites advantage is that; it is more fixed than a static one because many of the web pages are essentially a template into which content and data have multiple pages of similar types. 


  • A static website is not scalable like dynamic websites; you cannot create so many pages in static websites like dynamic ones as it takes an immense amount of time, effort and it’s not at all cost-effective.


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