User Journeys through Your Website & AMP Cache


  • Date : Oct 31, 2018
  • Posted By : D. Sivakumar

Nowadays, Users are demanding better privacy control. Browser vendors are required to offer default cookies. It means the use of third-party cookies for measurement is not going to work anymore.


AMP pages are most likely served from AMP cache. Publishers use third-party cookies to maintain a session. It helps the publisher to keep in mind user preferences and settings. This is not affected even when users toggle between publisher domain and AMP cache domain.


AMP Linker

This is a new feature on AMP. AMP Linker keeps user session in sync. It decorates outgoing links from AMP cache with params. It can be like AMP client ID in URL. The receiving analytics provider consumers the parameter and makes it a first-party cookie.


Enable AMP Linker

AMP linker works when it is included in the configuration by analytics provider. In case you already use Google AMP client ID API with Google Analytics, you need not use additional tagging to avail benefits of AMP Linker. AMP linker is useful to analytics provider in configuration.


Bottom Line

We support non-traditional and important user journeys. We track where a user goes from non-AMP pages to AMP pages.


Happy measuring!

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