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Relevant Content and Dynamic Start Page

Keep a minimum content and keep it directly relevant. Avoid talking about your products in terms of how easy to use because irrelevant and annoying filler will not help in securing a user or a customer. Content should come in multiple formats like web page copy, blogs and articles, as to download such as case studies, whitepapers, short videos, demos and info graphics. Avoid putting a limit to your website in which your message can be delivered, as that will only limit your potential customer base. There should be multiple ways for a potential customer to reach your website. Compelling landing pages are something which holds the attention of the visitor. A great landing page makes the difference between a visitor sticking around or disappearing after a few seconds. Depending on what the site is ultimately for submissions or downloading materials, make the next steps which should be taken by a user very obvious to them.

Most people in big cities are shopping online says VISA

There is no stopping for the rise in E-commerce .6 mega which account more than half of the country's wealth have seen more than 92% of people shopping in online stores. People sho...

Interface design can help increase the traffic.

Cutting in through told fashioned way. One of the ways to keep traffic coming is to be able to create evolutionary designs which can grab the attention of the user. When the site i...

Healthy and trust building approach in delivering ecommerce goods at home soon.

Why should our post man deliver only post? He will deliver ecommerce products at our all our villages too. Ecommerce giant Amazon and flipkart are going to meet our central IT and ...

Fonts plays an important role while creating a website

It is known that website content should be visible to read like a book. Using large fonts is important to make your main message clear and legible. Your text shouldn't be too longe...

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